Frequently Asked Questions

Per LCB guidelines, all orders must be COD or ACH.  When checking out, you will be given the option of check, cash or ACH.  In these cases, please select one of the options so we know what to expect when fulfilling the delivery.  

Unfortunately according to LCB regulations, credit cards are still not valid method of payment for payment of the product on delivery.  However, you are able to subscribe to the marketplace and pay via credit card. 

We ask that all orders are paid COD.  If they are ACH, there will be an expectation for the ACH to occur before or right after delivery.   We do not directly handle the transaction for the order, we only facilitate the sale and the delivery. 

If you would like to return product, please email us at so we can properly coordinate and inform all parties of the returns. 

To cancel an order, please reach out to the marketplace staff at  Doing so will allow us to coordinate and edit the order so that we can cancel the order in a timely fashion. If cancellations happen at last minute, there may be additional charges added to cover the logistics and delivery.